What is Nimble?

Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be Quick, Jack  Organize All Social Media Profiles on Candlesticks

It may feel as if we are in the middle of a social media overload. With so many advancing social media platforms, it may seem as if managing multiple profiles is never-ending.  Rather than giving up altogether on building and expanding into existing profiles, it may be more beneficial to invest in a management tool.

There is a tool that allows for proper engagement with customers while being organized. Nimble is a new social CRM (customer relationship management) tool that lets you simultaneously manage all you contacts, communications, activities, and sales with ease!


Nimble’s contact management option lets you take control of all your social media profiles in one place so that you can send messages, add events, edit contact info, or more without logging in and out each social media platform. Upon uploading your information, Nimble will automatically streamline social profiles from Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Once this is done, communicating within your team or with your important business associates is done

very efficiently because you can have a full view of your contacts in one single place within your screen. Nimble also lets you unify all your messages into one inbox with proper labels indicating where it came from so you can sort through and reply at a more efficient rate.

Nimble also syncs calendars to make easier access to viewing all engagements at a single glance and an easy reference to availability when meeting with customers or business partners.

Nimble helps to identify and interact with new relevant contacts who would be taking interest in businesses across multiple social streams.

Nimble takes control of your marketing impact via third party integration. Tracking marketing impact made by leads, campaigns, marketing spending, and etc. enables social media teams to maximize revenue with proper and efficient communication. The platform’s structure allows for the ability to be nimble with Nimble.

MySMN has the all right tools, experience, and team to connect your business and leverage your power online for your new product/service with platforms such as Nimble and much more.