What is the Twitter Verified and the Meaning of the Blue Check Marks?

What is the Twitter Verified and the Meaning of the Blue Check Marks?

As an avid Twitter user you may have encountered sites where a blue check mark appears next to the user’s name. You may have asked yourself, “What is the blue check mark for and why don’t I have one on my Twitter account?”

A reasonable question and one that warrants the following answer: the blue check mark indicates that the account has been Twitter verified. This allows your account to stand out among the crowd as a user of distinction and notice. If you have ever wondered about the process for becoming Twitter verified and what it means to you, particularly if you use Twitter as a means for attracting attention or increasing sales through your online presence, here is some additional information about the Twitter verified process.Blue bird

What is Twitter Verified?

An account that has been Twitter verified is one that has been authenticated as to the actual identity of the person using the account. This helps ward off fake profiles and those that may mimic you or your company in an attempt to fool other users, defame or otherwise bring harm to you. The Twitter verified blue check mark is an inventive way Twitter that helps users distinguish between your real Twitter presence and some imposters attempt to steal your social media identity.

Becoming Twitter verified is not as easy as applying for such designation. Twitter has a criteria in place that determines which accounts receive the blue check mark badge. This criteria includes, but is not limited to certain users in the following key interest areas: music, acting, fashion, government, politics, religion, journalism, media, sports, and business. The number of followers that you have for your account or tweet count are not factored in the Twitter verification process.

Is Having a Blue Check Mark on Twitter Important?

If contacted by Twitter to apply to become Twitter verified, you should consider how it may help you or your business. Having the Twitter verified blue check mark will help in eliminating identity fraud, which may be of particular importance if you rely on social media for some of your marketing and promotional efforts. Although the process for becoming verified on Twitter is by no way foolproof, it can cut down on the potential harm and damage that may be done to your reputation if your presence is misused by another Twitter user mimicking your identity.

It should be noted that until Twitter changes their process, becoming Twitter verified is dependent upon you meeting their criteria and being contacted for inclusion. Do not simply add the words “verified account,” to your Twitter account; this could result in permanent suspension from the social media site.


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