What Kinds of Social Media Posts Do Your Followers Want to See?

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Staying on top of your social media campaign can feel like a full-time pursuit if you don’t have some help. Even when you have access to the most knowledgeable, talented experts in SEO San Diego has to offer, you still might want to participate in creating at least some of your social media posts yourself. In order to make the most of your content, you would certainly benefit from exploring the types of social media posts that your followers are interested in seeing.

Influencer Interviews

Regardless of what kinds of followers you have or hope to attract, people seem to respond favorably to engagement with influencers. You might research who the influencers in your industry are; you can do this by hiring a professional to perform analytics to find the people who are most likely to resonate with your average demographic. Once you’ve identified an individual who would probably interest your followers, you can extend an invitation to interview this person. An interview will benefit both you and your influencer of choice – you’ll both gain exposure by way of the interview, and you’ll each be able to express the points you wish to get across to your respective fans. If you offer useful information on timely subjects, your followers will also benefit from such content. You might post an entire influencer interview on your blog, post snippets of it on social media, or post links to it (and provide your followers with compelling reasons to click on the links).

Posts That Are Relevant

That you should post information your followers will find relevant may seem obvious, but you might be surprised by how easy it is to lose sight of that objective. As any San Diego website design professional might confirm, staying in touch with the preferences of your fans or customers is crucial. You may do this by paying close attention to the latest comments and questions posted by those who follow your brand on social media. Are people talking about a recent industry change that will affect millions of consumers? If so, you might devise a series of posts dedicated to that topic – and be sure to offer some solutions. Doing this will build both trust and continued interest among your followers.

Multimedia Posts

Multimedia posts are as popular as ever. They hold the attention of social media users in a way that standard, text-only posts cannot. By seamlessly providing a blend of text, still images, and videos, you may spark the imagination of your fan base again and again. Remember to create and utilize the highest-quality multimedia content possible. This may be a bit more time-consuming, but the results in terms of fan loyalty and your brand’s image should be well worth the effort.

Your social media posts may be the lifeblood of your entire marketing campaign. Make sure that you are posting content that your followers will identify with, so they’ll keep coming back for more. By consulting the qualified team at a reputable search engine optimization firm, you can explore effective social media marketing strategies. For more information or a detailed quote call (619) 291-8181 or fill out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.


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