What Sort of Questions Engage you Customers / Fans

Obtaining proper customer engagement can be a difficult challenge if you do not know which questions to ask. Getting organized with your social media accounts is the first step to start reaching out to your customers. The next step is to find a way to have discussions with your customers. Reach out to your customers by asking for their input. Here are some questions to use when you are focused on customer engagement.

Complete this Statement

One of the easiest ways to start getting your customers to engage with you is by asking them a question they need to think about. Some companies do fun strategies including, “My favorite pizza topping is ______________________!” A fill in the blank question is a fun way to get people talking and to bring out some new ideas from your customers. Questions do not always need to focus on everything directly related to the company. Fun questions about holidays mix up the social media posts and get people excited.

Ask for Help

Another way to get people talking is by asking for help. You can ask for help with some small decisions, or have the customers participate in larger decisions such as choosing a new logo or mascot. Asking for help from the customers is a great way to get them talking and show them the importance they are to your organization.

Yes or No

One way to get people talking is by asking a basic yes or no question. This is a simple way to obtain a quick answer from your followers.

Ask For Surveys

Another way to get your customers talking to you is by asking them to participate in a survey. A survey can be a series of short questions the customers can fill out online. Ask them a single question on social media and direct them to your website to fill out the longer version of the survey.

Share Interesting Information

Do you have a unique piece of information to share with others? Find some interesting information about your industry or your product to share with your followers. This is a great way to get people to start talking as they share the information with others.

Either/Or Questions

People love fun quizzes to answer and share with others. A great way to get your customers talking is to ask them an either/or statement. Some statements you use can help you find out which products people prefer.

Ask for Feedback

Ask your customers to provide you with feedback about recent products or services. You need to talk about relevant information for your industry to give you insight into the customer’s minds.

Follow the News

Stay up to date with the latest news that people are currently talking about. Following the news is a great way to engage your customers as you can gauge how they are reacting to the latest information. This method is known as newsjacking, which is to react to a current news story and promote your brand with it.

Big Stock / Jakub Jirsak
Big Stock / Jakub Jirsak

When you want to engage your customers it is important to remember they have short attention spans on social media. People want to answer a question quickly and do not want to be bombarded with multiple questions. Short and sweet is the best way to make certain you do not end up losing the attention of your customers.


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