What’s All the Buzz about Facebook Messenger Lite?

BUNG KAN THAILAND - APRIL 05 2016: Hand's on smart phone display facebook messenger app black and white space on right
BUNG KAN THAILAND – APRIL 05 2016: Hand’s on smart phone display facebook messenger app black and white space on right


If your Android phone routinely runs slowly or loses a battery charge more quickly than you would like, one of the big reasons that might be happening is Facebook Messenger. It’s fairly well known that Messenger consumes a great deal of resources, and has a tendency to drain batteries faster than many other apps. That’s why it’s great news that Facebook has announced Messenger Lite as an alternative to Messenger, especially for those people with older Android devices, and for users living in countries where network connectivity can be slow or erratic.

What Messenger Lite is

Facebook’s new version of Messenger is intended to address some of the resource-intensive properties of Messenger, while still providing at least some of the same functionality to users. It’s a kind of bare-bones version of instant messaging which lacks some of the important features of Messenger, but is still very functional in its own right. You can definitely use this for chats with all your friends, and there are even a few advantages, as you’ll find out further down in this article.

What’s missing from Messenger Lite

With this streamlined version of Messenger, there is no location-sharing functionality, so you won’t have the capability of letting friends know where you are throughout the day. It will likewise be impossible to send stickers to your Messenger friends, although you will be able to see the stickers they send to you. While this may be a bit of an inconvenience, it will just force you to be a little more creative and expressive with the text you exchange with friends. Voice calls are another of the prominently absent features on Messenger Lite, which means you’ll lose out on all those free calls to friends in other countries.

What’s better about Messenger Lite

For people with older Android devices, saving on memory can be very important, and that’s exactly what Messenger Lite brings to the table. Since it only takes up 10 meg of storage, it saves a whopping 40 meg of space over its big brother app. Because of its more streamlined profile, Lite will download faster than Messenger itself, which fact will be very important to users in those countries where Internet connectivity is slower and less stable. Also due to its streamlined profile, Messenger Lite runs much quicker on slow hardware, which means that even if you have an older phone, you’ll still be able to enjoy the Messenger Lite experience. 

Can Lite replace Messenger?

Not really. Messenger Lite is a terrific fill-in for users who don’t have the latest and greatest smartphone, or who happen to be located in areas that lack high-quality Internet service. But after all, it’s really only a scaled-down basic version of the original app, which can’t provide the full-featured experience of Messenger. However, for those who never had a chance to use original Messenger, the Lite version will be like a godsend.

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