What’s all the Buzz about Live Streaming Video?

Live Streaming Video (Small)

Live streaming video is hardly new, and in fact the technology that makes it possible has been around for quite a while now, but it has been generating enormous buzz lately, with Facebook’s roll-out of live streaming video available to everyone with an account. This has served to re-kindle worldwide interest, and reinforce the notion of its value as a potential key component of any company’s digital marketing toolbox.

There are lots of reasons for its continuing popularity, beginning with the fact that it’s not difficult to coordinate and present – if you do need help, or more information about live streaming presentations, consult with your SEO San Diego experts at MySMN. Here’s why live streaming is generating more buzz than ever in the marketing world:

  • Content immediacy – a great example of this is a news feed which updates viewers on sporting events, weather forecasts, or world events and politics, and up-to-the-minute business news. There is tremendous value in the timeliness of the information being presented, and that gives it an appeal that’s hard to beat. For instance, Facebook Live and YouTube both plan to present live streaming feeds of the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, with down-on-the-floor immediacy.
  • Potential for interaction – almost every other kind of interface with crowds or audiences is associated with a time delay. For instance, if you post a blog or add information to a website, it won’t be consumed by viewers until the next day at least. Even the social media have lags of several hours. With live streaming video, there is often the opportunity for audience members to respond or react immediately.
  • High response rates – live streaming events always generate the biggest responses from audiences, and if you translate that into sales, it causes a spike in activity as the event is streamed, and for the next few days.
  • Live event excitement – there is an excitement about a live event that is unlike any other broadcast. If you ever have any doubts about this, just listen to or read about the recollections of any cast member who has ever been on Saturday Night Live.
  • Better return on investment – a live streaming event that is used to generate leads impresses an audience more and is considered to have greater ROI. People who take the time to sign up for or register for the event are the same people who become the most solid leads.
  • Engagement tracking is easier – streaming a live event, makes it much easier to track all the registrants for it, as opposed to people who sign up for material published in many different places, some of which will not be trackable.
  • Idea piloting – whenever you stream an event live, the likelihood is that it will generate a huge buzz around the particular product or event being highlighted. Sometimes the only way such ideas can be tested out is via live format, and you can even increase the attention it gets by publicizing it as an event that will not be recorded or re-streamed, which should raise interest level with viewers to attend this one and only opportunity.

As previously mentioned, live streaming can be setup fairly easily by knowledgeable professionals like those at San Diego’s premier search engine optimization firm, MySMN. If you’d like to find out more about using live streaming video, San Diego website design, or other professional digital marketing services, MySMN is the company to contact. For more information, or a detailed quote call (619) 291-8181 or fill out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.


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