What’s All the Buzz about Tsu?

Social Media Social Networking Connection Global ConceptThere’s been a whole lot of talk about Tsu in the digital marketing world lately, the newest social media site to hit the web. In just a little more than a month, Tsu has leveraged more than one million users. This is quite a feat, especially when you consider that Facebook took 10 months to reach one million users, and it only took Tsu five weeks. So what is it that’s attracted so many people to this new site? Revenue.

To become a member of Tsu, you must receive an invitation from someone who is currently a part of the network. From there, you’re able to enter a code provided in the invitation and create your own profile. The key factor that sets Tsu apart from the other social media sites is money. That’s right, each and every person who creates and shares content is gaining the opportunity to earn revenues from the site. Where social media sites like Facebook keep the revenues they earn through advertisements on the site and selling information to data miners, Tsu gives 90% of their ad revenues to its users, creating value for each and every individual who creates and shares content.

What’s even better is that users are encouraged to donate their ad revenue earnings to charities right on the site. There’s an easy access tab built into the site that allows users to donate to a variety of charities. They can simply choose to “transfer funds” to the charity of their choice. Charities are also able to log into Tsu and create their own charity page for users to donate directly from the site.

Sebastian Sobczak, the founder and CEO of Tsu, said the site is the “first socially responsible social network… paying content royalties for the commercial use of content creators’ likeness, image and work.” He also went on to say that he wants to “collaboratively change the lives of people for the better with these new found royalty streams.”

The site’s early success has people wondering if Tsu will be the next Facebook in a year or so. Can you imagine how different life would be if content creators earned revenues from their posts? It could bring whole new meaning to content creation and social media marketing. It will definitely be interesting to watch how this site changes and grows within the next year.

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