Which of the 15 Most Popular Social Media Platforms are Best for My Business?


Since maintaining a presence in social media is time consuming, it is important to choose a network popular among your audience. To help, here is a list of the most popular social networks, determined by the number of unique monthly visitors to each site. In addition to a platform description is the demographic of each network’s most common users.

Facebook– 900,000,000

Facebook connects users personal profiles with several networking components that allow personalized interactions within the social network. Users can share messages, multimedia, photos, and organize group events. More than half of the American adult population is a Facebook user.

Twitter– 310,000,000

The micro blogging format allows users to publicly publish messages 140 characters or less, called “tweets”. Twitter topics range from news and sports to lifestyle and entertainment. Twitter has the youngest user base.

LinkedIn– 255,000,000

A professional networking community, LinkedIn allows users to list jobs, seek jobs and post resumes. Although globally used, LinkedIn is predominantly used in the U.S. with college graduates and older user.

Pinterest– 250,000,000

A visual platform, Pintrest uses photo sharing to create individualized media boards where users can group images by theme or topic. Females continue to be the predominate users with increasing users over the age of fifty.

Google Plus+– 120,000,000

A social media network that intertwines Google services such as Hangouts, YouTube and Gmail. Over half of users are male between 25 years and 34 years.

Tumblr– 110,000,000

A microblogging format, Tumblr allows users to post written content along with multimedia in a short blog post. The network is most popular with teen, collegiate and young adults.

Instagram– 100,000,000

A visual platform, Instagram is a mobile photo and video-sharing app. More than half of the users are female, and under the age of 35 years.


A social network much like facebook, VK is most popular in Eastern Europe.

Flickr– 65,000,000

An image and video hosting site, Flickr allows users a free account with limited data storage. The service has become a popular way for bloggers to embed images to blogs and other social media.

Vine– 42,000,000

Vine allows users to share six-second looping videos with other users and is most popular amongst teenagers, young adults and ad campaigns.

Meetup– 40,000,000

A social network formatted for groups, where users create and join group events based on lifestyles and interests. The network is most popular with transplants into large cities looking to build new relationships

Tagged– 38,000,000

Tagged encourages users to meet new people with their many networking or entertainment outlets. Tagged has become popular with a variety of age groups.

Ask.fm– 37,000,000

Set up in a question and answer format, users are able to send, receive, and answer questions. The site is popular among teen users who integrate the ask.fm with other social media.

MeetMe– 15,500,000

The format is used as a dating site. The site has largely attracted male users 20-30 years old seeking new friendships and romantic relationships.

ClassMates– 15,000,000

A social networking targeting older users seeking classmates from grade school, college and the U.S. military. The content focuses on the nostalgia of yearbooks and past popular culture.

Popular social media networks are a great way to communicate with your target audience. To maximize your social media audience, My Social Marketing Network assists in choosing the correct social media platforms for you and takes over the time consuming task of managing social media accounts.


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