Why Pinterest is Essential

PinterestPinterest is an evolved form of the community bulletin board. People use it to collect and post their interests, hobbies and projects. It’s a great way for users to connect through these shared interests, and part of the reason why Pinterest is so essential when it comes to running your business in today’s online-centered market.

So how does Pinterest work, exactly? On the surface it may seem like a glorified image gallery, but the networking possibilities run much deeper than that. When people “pin” images to their personal boards, that content is shared among their friends and followers of the board. Your content could potentially reach thousands of viewers simply through association.

The Internet is an endless realm of infinite media. Often people don’t spend too much time browsing a page or website when searching for things. Thus, your content needs to be eye-catching and attention-grabbing within the first few seconds a viewer clicks on your page. Maintaining a few Pinterest boards is one way to do this, as it allows for simple organization in a visually appealing manner.

Because social media is all about being…well, social, it is important to interact with your customers and followers. No longer is marketing simply a “push” business—there is much give and take that needs to happen, and Pinterest is the perfect platform to do so. As Shell Robshaw-Bryan of socialmediatoday.com explains, asking followers to share their own boards and content makes it easier for users to relate to your brand. Everyone loves to be heard, and your customers are no different.

Pinning content to your boards is simple enough, but it might take a bit of effort to create something that flows well to attract viewers. Practice does make perfect, however. Don’t hesitate to look to similar boards for inspiration, and continue to tweak your content until you find what works for you. The Internet is meant to be dynamic, so adding new things and changing up your boards will keep your viewers interested.

If all of this seems a little too daunting at first, let us help! It’s our job at MySMN to help you reach as many clients as possible through social media. Check out our portfolio to see how we’ve helped other businesses get started. Or for quick inspiration, take a look at our own Pinterest boards to see what we mean.

Building your business can be fun and easy with the right tools. Pinterest is just one more way to reach out and connect with your audience in the most memorable and personal way ever.


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