Why Social Media for the Insurance Industry?

Chances are, as a business person, you have heard about social media.  Now if you are in the insurance industry and are wondering if its the right fit for you, it is.

Social media is all about sharing and relationship building.  People look to trust insurance agencies, and while the market is so saturated, people will more likely look into a company that has taken an interest in them, to build a relationship.  Also, many people nowadays know how to control the information they need and when and how they want to receive it.  Mailing post cards, sending brochures, and email marketing are all great tactics to use – but upon receipt, your potential customers will still smell “advertisement.”  Social media is much more cost-effective, but the other tactics should not be ruled out completely; they are just stepping stones to building awareness, with your most effective tool being social media.

Social media is a great way to share free ideas, advice, and demonstrate your honesty as an insurance agent.  It is your way of reaching out and asking people what they need help on, what questions you can answer, and it is also a way for you to “sell” your skills and expertise without coming across that way.  In the here and now, people are less likely to buy a product or service after reading, seeing or hearing an advertisement.  They will more likely go by what their freinds or family have to say, or they will remember the business that took its time online to engage by: sharing free information, telling the story of their business, posting pictures from an event, sharing an informational video, posting helpful links, answering a couple questions, and communicating in casual conversation -showing patience and confidence.

Your Potential Customers Are Looking for You!

Social media does not just consist of Facebook and Twitter, there are also: blogs, micro-blogs, location-based social networks, livecasting, reviewing platforms, photography, video, art and music sharing and more.  You do not have to know how to use all of these – but you should know what’s out there and how social media can help you.

All in all, you can brand yourself as an agent or brand your agency with social media; get to know your audience; generate more leads and build upon those relationships;  use social media as a tool for market research and conduct surveys; recruit new employees and create successful events.

Millions of people are using social media to find the answers they need, and your potential customers are already looking for you to make their lives easier.

“Asking Europe to disarm is like asking a man in Chicago to give up his life insurance.” Will Rogers


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