Winning By Pinning!

Pinning! Huh? Yes, you read it correctly. There is a new social site on the block, and it’s making a killing. A website completely driven by images, Pinterest is gaining interest from people all over the web. Still in beta form, you must obtain an invite to join ( How exclusive.

I won’t lie, I have a pinning addiction, and let me tell you why. Pinterest is basically an online compilation of lookbooks. The pinner sorts through countless images in every category and then pins their chosen images onto virtual boards that you create. It’s basically the modern day corkboard. The user can also upload images using the URL where the image can be found. Create as many boards as you like, and build an online scrapbook of everything you are obsessed with. I personally have about 8 different boards all in different categories ranging from food and recipes to animals and fitness inspiration.

So what’s the social aspect? It has a little bit of Facebook and a little bit of Twitter. People can follow yours boards like Twitter and can comment on your images like Facebook. Pinterest is different in the way that it is more about collecting content than creating it.

So why should you be interested in Pinterest? For one, it’s addicting, two, great for gathering and managing ideas and inspirations, and three, I think that it will prove to be a powerful social network for businesses. From event planners and florists to sports shops and hotels, Pinterest is going to be a great place to showcase what you are made of. Hotels, for example, may use Pinterest to show highlights or attractions in the city where they are located. Architects may showcase what inspires them.  Florists may showcase their work. The opportunities are endless.

Pinterest has yet to come out with business pages, but I have noticed that many businesses/consultants are on the site and are already gaining followers. Michael Kors is a great example of how a brand can use Pinterest.

All in all, Pinterest is a site to keep an eye on. It is not for everyone, but if your business can make use of visuals and photos then you’re in.

Happy Pinning!




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