Wine, Yoga, Theater: A Gold Mine for Social Media Marketing

By Alessandra Ceresa

According to, Facebook has 94,748,820 users in the United States alone. Out of those nearly 95 million people, over 79 million of them are between the ages of 26 and 64. This statistic shows that Facebook is not reserved for the young, but is actually dominated by the more mature crowd. This is an important statistic for industries, such as wineries, whose demographic is generally over the age of 25.

Companies that tend to have an older demographic can benefit from social media just as well as companies that draw a younger audience. As part of the Wine/Spirits and Hospitality industry, wineries are a perfect example of an industry that has so much potential in the digital marketing world.

Facebook, with its vast audience, is a particularly great place for wineries to take on social media marketing. From Wine clubs to restaurants and bars, a winery can connect with thousands of people in the industry and even more people who have an interest in wine.

People love to share the wines they enjoy on Social Networking sites and talk about what they experienced while wine tasting at vineyards, wine bars and wine events.

When speaking about social media, two Temecula wineries stick out to me The Mount Palomar Winery and The Falkner Winery. Both wineries originally established their pages as a “person” rather than a “fan page”, and were very successful in gathering friends and bringing friends and followers the type of content to keep them coming back. The Falkner Winery recently created a Facebook page, which can be found here. They use their original page to recruit friends to “like” their fan page. Smart move. When landing on The Falkner Winery business page, one finds new wines, promotions or special events scheduled for the weekend.  They also post a lot of pictures of the winery, as well as people enjoying wine on the patio. Who wouldn’t want to come and enjoy a setting like that?

The winery acknowledges the fact that it is a great place for special occasions by highlighting the people who have enjoyed themselves at all the weddings and special events that have taken place on property. The content that is pushed out shows how it is more than just a winery,and also a great place to dine, enjoy a weekend, have a wedding or event, and so much more. The interaction on the page is far above average, and they have a number of posts from fans exclaiming they are “the best winery in Temecula!” How’s that for marketing?

Mount Palomar Winery is probably my favorite, and by far the most original. “Like” their page, and this is what is found, yoga classes, theater events, wine club parties and jazz concerts. Sounds like a lot of fun right? They cater to their beloved wino’s, as well as those who simply appreciate wine.  There are regularly scheduled, free yoga classes on the property, which further expands their audience.  A special series of events called “Shakespeare in the Vines” has also made its way to Mount Palomar, attracting theater goers to the winery as well. Reaching wine lovers, yoga and theater enthusiasts expands their network of both current and potential customers.

Incorporating creative and innovative ideas and events into your company’s repertoire can really pay off in the social media world.



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