YouTube Marketing: Tips and Tricks

YouTube is a social network that I have yet to really address in any of my previous posts. Even though I have not made mention of it, doesn’t mean its not an integral part of online marketing.

If you are a business that uses video content then YouTube is the perfect place to showcase your material. To successfully create your YouTube channel, you must follow a similar protocol to any other social network.

Step 1: Completely fill out and customize your YouTube Channel. Keep consistent with your company’s brand. Customize with your company’s colors and make sure to include links back to your website or fan pages. Make sure that you have filled in all relevant information, and have given viewers the ability to subscribe to your YouTube Channel.

Step 2: Upload your videos! Upload all videos to your channel. Populate the page before you share it with your fans. Make sure you have at least 3 videos up, so that there is something to actually explore.

Step 3: Optimize your video for YouTube.

–       Title: In the title, integrate popular search terms and phrases. This will ensure that your video appears when people search for specific terms.

–       Description: Always start with a web address in the first line of the description. Next provide a brief description of the video and try to include relevant search terms and phrases.

–       Tags: Add appropriate tags, such as descriptive works and even the city or location of the business. Again, this is to ensure that your video pops up when people search for these terms.

–       Category: Select the appropriate category for your video. If there is not a category that fits, then simply select “People/Blogs.”

–       Privacy: Make sure that your videos are public, unless otherwise stated.

–       License: Leave this set to “Standard YouTube License”.

Step 4: Share your videos! Share your videos on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and even your website. You can embed videos onto your website by copying and pasting the code into the back end of your site. Promote your YouTube channel on your social networks weekly, to increase views and your viral reach. The more people you have watching your channel, the more shares and subscribers you are likely to get.

Now that you have created your YouTube Channel and know how to optimize your videos, make sure that your videos are interesting and engaging. They need to be something people WANT to watch and share. In order for your videos to gain traction, they must provide insight and value to your viewer.

Happy filming!


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